Reversing Dry Eye Syndrome

Practical Ways to Improve
Your Comfort, Vision and

By Steven L. Maskin, M.D.

"Reversing Dry Eye Syndrome" has been selected as "2008 Best Book of the Year" by the Association of American University Presses (AAUP)

Selected by the Library Journal as
" Best Consumer Health Book of 2007"

This clear, accessible book combines detailed medical information with expert treatment advice for the estimated twenty million Americans who suffer from dry eye syndrome. Dr. Steven L. Maskin, an ophthalmologist who has been caring for dry eye patients for more than fifteen years, explains exactly what the syndrome is, why it occurs, and how it can best be managed and treated. He dispels the misunderstandings that surround dry eye syndrome and presents an easy-to-understand guide that may be read cover-to-cover or dipped into for specific topics of interest.

Dr. Maskin begins with an overview of dry eye syndrome, then explains the myriad ways it can develop (allergies, aging, contact-lens use, LASIK surgery, diabetes, and various other diseases). He discusses how it can be successfully diagnosed and treated, offers guidelines for choosing a doctor and appropriate medications, and describes useful home remedies. In a concise final chapter, the doctor provides welcome answers to frequently asked questions. For patients who want to understand their disease and to participate actively in its management, this book is an essential reference.

"Well written and presented with an exceptional insight and knowledge about eye care. Dr. Maskin explains a complex subject, in simple, understandable terms that will prove very beneficial to the experience and inexperienced reader and patient."
John H. Sykes
Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Sykes Enterprises, Inc.
"Dr. Maskin describes in straightforward language the causes of, symptoms of, and treatment for dry eye syndrome. He presents an enormous amount of information clearly and succinctly."
Vivian E. Thomson
University of Virginia
"Until now, there has been no lay book devoted solely to unlocking the complexity of [dry eye syndrome] and to providing useful guidance for dry eye sufferers."
Scheffer C.G. Tseng, M.D., PhD
"This book provides invaluable information on the topic of dry eyes not found elsewhere for the layperson. It explains in easy to read and understandable text both the physical and emotional impact that this condition can cause. I developed dry eyes three years ago as a result of an eye surgery. I have had to have several eye surgeries to correct the bad results and have seen many doctors trying to find help for my dry eyes. When I started reading Dr. Maskin's book, I realized after just a few pages that I had finally found someone that understood this condition and the pain, frustration and impact it can have on one's life. Dr. Maskin explains thoroughly the many causes, what to look for, treatments and ways to manage and reverse dry eyes."

"Luckily I live in the same state as Dr. Maskin and made an appointment as I read the book. He diagnosed a condition that other doctors I have seen had never even mentioned. My condition required a breakthrough surgery that is only preformed by a few eye surgeons, a procedure Dr. Maskin specializes in. I have had excellent results am gradually getting back to a normal lifestyle."
"This book was a "God Send" for me. This book should be recommended by physicians as a resource for their patients with dry eye symptoms ....

Accolades to Dr. Maskin for his interest and dedication to this condition and writing this book!"
Mary Cowen
Patient of Dr. Maskin