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“Words cannot express my feelings of gratitude and respect.”
– Donna B., Tampa

“Dr. Maskin really listens to me. He shows me a level of respect and understanding that has restored my confidence in the medical community. His approach is straightforward and he clearly explains his reasoning for each treatment. Dr. Maskin’s level of personal care and understanding keeps me at ease.

“I now have hope that, under his medical care, I will enjoy a better quality of life for many years to come.”
– Mary C.

“Thank you for a new window on the world. Your skill and kindness will long be remembered.”
– Jeanine F., St. Pete Beach

“Thanks for helping me to look at life in so many new ways.”
– Kasey B., Tampa

“I have struggled with eye issues for years and couldn’t find a physician that could help me. They didn’t know what was wrong. I discovered Dr. Maskin by finding his book, “Your Dry Eye Mystery Solved: Reversing Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Restoring Hope” online. What a well written, wealth of information resource! There was no question, I had found the expertise and experience that could help me! I traveled to Tampa on 2 occasions and received the VERY BEST OF CARE from him and his staff. Thankful and grateful for SOLUTIONS to my issues! His knowledge, caring attitude, easy way of communicating and drive to help his patients is unparalleled. My life had evolved into isolation, staying in a dim environment and rarely going out in public. The pain, burning and constant irritation was difficult to deal with day in and out. Dr. Maskin GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK! I am now spending time with family, friends and doing the activities I’ve missed for years! Again, grateful and thankful! He’s my ROCKSTAR! Me, my Family and Friends appreciate what he’s done for me! Blessed! Linda O’Shea”
– Lynn S.

“Dry eye is debilitating both physically and mentally. After seeking out many Doctors across the US to help with my severe dry eyes, Dr. Maskin was the only one to have the expertise to permanently resolve my situation. I trust him like no other.”
– Jim T.

“Dr. Maskin is a highly skilled dry eye specialist. Everything he does is backed by his own extensive research studies. He cares deeply about his patients and their successful treatment results. I highly recommend that you buy his book on dry eyes. It will help you understand Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. After he performed surgery on my extremely dry eyes and probed my Meibomian glands, my dry eye and vision are both remarkably better! It’s only been a few months and I am continuing to see improvement in my dry eye disease. His office staff makes you feel like family.”
– Daphne

“Dr Maskin is a very skilled doctor, who actually cares for his patients. After having debilitating eye issues for over 2 years I decided to become a patient of his in November 2022 after seeing 7 or 8 ‘specialists’ in the UK, who misdiagnosed ATD, MGD, blepharitis etc. and couldn’t provide any relief. I still have some persistent symptoms (low schirmers both eyes) which are quite annoying and problematic, but I am still working with him to solve these. I appreciate his excellent bedside manner and communication, and would recommend to anybody else experiencing dry eye issues. My thanks go out to him and his staff.”
– Bhav R.

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“I appreciate very much both the skilled and effective work you have done on my behalf and the friendly, caring manner in which you accomplished it.”
– Robert F., Gulfport

“Your dedication to quality and your commitment to provide the best care to your patients is evident in all aspects of care you have provided to me.”
– Suzanne J., Naples

“We feel very privileged to have such a wonderful caring doctor and staff.

Thank you for a chance to see just how beautiful this world of ours really is.”
– Bobby and Gala G.

“I have been Dr. Maskin’s patient for 9 years. He literally saved me from despair and hopelessness 9 years ago. I had severe aqueous tear deficiency, MGD and SLK. Dr. Maskin was the only doctor who correctly diagnosed and treated me. I since have returned to him yearly to get probing. He is the best doctor I have ever had. He know so much about dry eye and he is kind and compassionate. I am also grateful to his staff who are always polite, professional and helpful.”
– Diana A.

“This is the doctor you want to see for dry eye disease. I was suffering severely from dry eye and excruciating pain for two years after having Lasik Surgery. I had seen many doctors prior to finding him. My eyes today are so comfortable and my pain is gone. Dr. Maskin has changed the quality of my life for the better. People from all over the world come to see him for relief, that says a lot. Thank you Dr. Maskin and also to your kind and professional staff.”
– Gloria M.

“When I first came to Dr. Maskin, I had been to a half a dozen other doctors before, each not quite understanding what I was going through, each not able to help my pain with Dry Eye Syndrome. As a patient, I was confused, bewildered, and frustrated. I didn’t know why my eyes had dried out, and I was almost about to give up on my dream of becoming a doctor because my eyes no longer permitted me to study the long hours that I needed to as a pre-med.

“When I came into Dr. Maskin’s office and he started to examine me, I began to cry because of the pain from my dry eyes and the frustration at them for limiting me. At seeing my tears, Dr. Maskin said, “I know that you have been to a lot of doctors, but I want to work through this with you. We are going to work through this together.” He gave me a sense of hope when even I had given up hope, and he did exactly as he said he would. He helped me work through my Dry Eye Syndrome trying different therapies until we found what worked. He worked with me to schedule appointment times when I could come see him even when I moved out of state to get my Master’s. He even worked with me to move up my surgery so that I could have it done the day before I left for a family vacation.

“Out of all the doctors that I have seen, he has done more for me than any other doctor. I am now a student at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, and I have finally reached my dream that I wouldn’t have been able to before without the help of Dr. Maskin. I will always be truly thankful for his encouragement and his medical expertise. He is a wonderful physician, and I hope to one day follow in his footsteps.”
– Keely F., USF COM Class of 2011

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